Pressure Grouting / Injection Grouting

How to strengthen my wall at defected area,How to plug leak at wall,Here the ultimate solution

In existing RCC surface weak area and honey combs should be thoroughly checked to fix Nozzles, Drilling with 18mm bit by drilling machine up to length 36mm, fix nozzles of 18mm dia and seal around the pipe with Rapid setting Renderoc plug and allow to dry minimum 4 hours.

Pressure Grouting with CEBEX100 grout material at ratio of 225gm/50kg cement/20lit of water to be added up to flow able consistency. Thorough mixing and grout with pressure grouting machine upto honey combs get filled, seal the nozzle with FOSROC RENDEROC PLUG to avoid mixture getting out.

Allow 4 hours to dry and cutting the projected nozzles and seal it with FOSROC CONPEXTRA GP2. Make surface smooth with grinding machine after dry.

Operation Area
Retaining walls,Water tank,swimming pool,defected walls,column and pillar

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