Concrete Slab Crack Treatment Process

Did your existing building affected with cracks.dont worry here the right solutions for your problems.we fix wall and slab cracks with latest technologies.The Existing crack at slab have to make V-Groove, Shall be framed for a width 5-7 mm with wall cutter machine leading to the depth of elongation of crack.
The depth shall be some times extend toward root and bridging up it.
The chipped substrate shall be made cleaned using the electric blower and with fresh water to remove all the dust and other minute particles for better bonding.
The cleaned substrate shall be made under saturated condition for further process to be implemented.
Applying High performance Nitobond for better Bonding.

This concrete slab crack can seal by Three different methods as follows,

Sealing with imported high performance Grout material after applying bonding solution inside crack.
well curing needs for this method after drying period.

Apply Acrylic crack seal by the putty blade in the depth of the groove, it shall be applied fully the flush level of the wall, this coating helps to avoid further development of crack at the source itself and bridges up the gap between the porosity present in the root of the crack.
After an interval of time of about Minimum 6 hour’s second coat ofacrylic crack seal has to be applied and finish up.

The finished portion of the crack does not require any curing.

Method :3
Injection grouting method by fixing Nozzles at 300mm interval of Gaps on crack. seal around the Nozzles with Renderoc plug.After drying of plug, Injecting cebex100 grout mixture inside the Nozzle with Injection grouting pump to spread mixture inside crack.Nozzles are cut and sealed thoroughly to make one coat of acrylic reinforced waterproofing coating on treated area and finish.

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